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We Grow your Business by creating a Measurable Digital Marketing Strategy and executing it as your in-house Marketing Team


Marketing strategy development

Can't get to your destination without a roadmap.


Targeted Marketing

Content that speaks directly to your audience.


We Grow your Business by creating a Measurable Digital Marketing Strategy and executing it as your Marketing Team. We will take you Further – Faster.

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Strategy Development

Strategy Development

If you don’t know where you are going, then it doesn’t matter which road you take. We will help you define your objectives in order to create the digital marketing strategy to get there.

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Web Development

Web Design and Development

Whatever campaigns you are creating will drive traffic to the site. We will design a website that will keep your visitors there and keep them engaged so that they contact you.

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Sell your products and services online with a professionally-designed and easy-to-manage e-Commerce website. We design sites that lead your visitors to purchase.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

It is still true: Content is king. In order to maintain optimization for search engines, we will consistently create relevant content that will lead qualified visitors to your digital properties.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We do not optimize your website for the search engines, but rather for your audience. We will ensure your website has the basic SEO on-site elements, but will also update your content to be found by search engines.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the most cost-effective way to reach your audience and engage them to interact with you. We create campaigns that are relevant to your customers, and are CASL-compliant.

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Digital Presence Report

Mawazo helped us identify our branding and target markets and made the process fun and easy for us.

Crystal MarshallMcKellar Machines

The team at Mawazo Marketing is generating about one hundred orders per month from email marketing alone!

Ken BoltBrant Florist

After less than 6 weeks Mawazo managed to multiply our Twitter following almost 20 times!

Rob TurnpennyZigeedock

We Focus on the
Big Picture

With 20+ years in web design and web development and in digital marketing, Mawazo Marketing provides a truly 360-degree approach to establishing your web presence. We know how to get all of your marketing efforts working together for even better results.

We Offer Measurable Results

Different to traditional mass media advertising, digital marketing offers the possibility of real measurable results. We focus on campaigns, whether the campaigns include traditional media or new media, on getting you measurable results. You can count on it.

We Set Clear Expectations

With all of our web development and online marketing efforts, we will walk you through the process and provide clear deliverables and timelines. Everything we do for you is documented so that you know what to expect and when.



online marketing strategy for startup company


We have precision-focused campaigns to achieve specific goals, such as building your email list, leveraging your social reach to increase sales, and monitor your brand reputation per location.

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online marketing strategy for small and medium-sized business SMB


Every business has a story to tell. We help you craft a measurable online marketing strategy, and execute it as your in-house marketing team. We generate leads, engage them and convert them to clients.

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online marketing strategy for non-profit organisations and NGO


Our campaigns for non-profits focus on specific objectives, such as creating new relationships, or nurturing existing ones. We focus on engaging with your donors to encourage monthly giving.

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online marketing strategy for corporate organisations


You need results now and your budget is limited! We understand. We deliver the foundation for a digital strategy that brings in results so that you can build and stabilize your business growth.

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