Web Development and Online Marketing Services

Every company is different. We help you craft a strategy for your success!

Our clients create meaningful experiences for their customers, and want to grow their business. We help them tell their story.
We help them craft a measurable strategy for their web presence and online marketing and we execute it as their in-house marketing team.
We work together to acquire leads, engage them with personalized communication, turn them into customers and retain their loyalty.

Strategy Development
Strategy Development

We help you craft a measurable online marketing strategy to acquire leads, convert them to customers and grow your business.

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Web Development
Website Development

We take the stress out of building you website. With 25 years of experience, our approach to web development is tried and tested.

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eCommerce websites can be big or small. Whether you have one product or thousands, we will grow your sales.

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Content Marketing
Content marketing

Publish the right content and your business will be found online. Attract more traffic to your website with the right content strategy.

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The best Search Engine Optimization is to optimize your total web presence for your target audience. 

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Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most cost-effective online marketing tactic We create campaigns for list-building, engagement, and sales.

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Social Media
Social Media Marketing

Social media requires constant attention, with marketing content, engagement, and personalized interaction. 

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Online Advertising
Online Advertising (PPC)

We drive traffic to your website with the right combination of platforms, channels and messaging.

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Business Types

The founders of Mawazo have each worked for more than 20 years in online marketing, with more than 300 successful projects for clients ranging from multinationals to startups, and non-profit organisations to SMBs in retail and manufacturing.

Mawazo services for Start-ups and entrepreneurs


Are you ready to start marketing your business online? We will create the website that you need, and jump-start your traffic with advertising while building up long-term organic traffic with SEO.

Mawazo services for enterprise businesses


Your customer list and online reputation are valuable asset. We use integrated campaign solutions to build and engage your audience. Create rich customer profiles and send highly targeted marketing emails. Monitor your reputation on a granular level.

Mawazo services for SMBs - small and medium sized businesses


Having someone dedicated to marketing within your organization takes a big investment. Mawazo is ready to be your marketing partner, to ensure that your sales pipeline is always full.

Mawazo services for Non-profit organizations


Establish rich profile lists of your donors so that you can target your messaging for increased conversion. We will help you find partners in the campaigns to ensure little to no investment.

Mawazo helped us identify our branding and target markets and made the process fun and easy for us.
They were able to create a superior marketing strategy while remaining inside our pre-defined budget.
Mawazo now acts as our in-house marketing team, and are working hard for huge results!

Crystal MarshallPartner, McKellar Machines

We have been working with Mawazo Marketing since 2015. Since then they have reduced our cost per conversion on Google AdWords by more than 50%.

Partner, Ken BoltBrant Florist

After less than 6 weeks Mawazo managed to multiply our Twitter following almost 20 times!

Rob TurnpennyDirector, Zigeedock

The team at Mawazo were quick to understand our business needs and to demonstrate a no-nonsense approach in developing solutions.

Karen HsiungDirector of Marketing, Bellisio Foods Canada

Get the most return out of your digital assets.

We will make sure all of your digital marketing efforts work together to achieve greater results.