Email Marketing

Grow, enhance and nurture your customer contact list

Email marketing is still the most cost-effective method of engaging your customers online. On Black Friday 2015, 37% of all eCommerce traffic in the USA originated from email marketing campaigns. With the majority of internet traffic now on our mobile devices, what better way to reach your customers than wherever they are and in their inbox!

Using an email newsletter campaign is an excellent way to:

  •          Promote special offers to a targeted audience segment at the right time
  •          Deepen your existing customer relationships
  •          Position yourself as an expert in your niche
  •          Build the trust essential to taking prospects to the next level

To reach your customers with email marketing campaigns you need a database of email addresses. With the introduction of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) it is no longer possible to send emails without consent, and “buying email addresses” is definitely no longer an option. (click here for more information on CASL)

We help our clients grow their email database with a clear ‘call to action’ on the website, inviting visitors to sign up for an email newsletter. The creation of a ‘lead magnet’ e.g. an ebook downloadable from a Landing Page after providing an email address is another method which works well for collecting email addresses.

For large retail companies and restaurant chains we use the Basebuilder solution to add tens of thousands of email addresses to their email newsletter databased. We obtain rich user profiles in a CASL-compliant way, at a cost which is fully performance-based.

We engage your customers by sending them personalized email newsletters regularly. We create email newslettters which are in line with your brand and overall Online Marketing Strategy. We make sure your email newsletter is relevant to the recipient by segmenting your database. Our email marketing solutions adhere to legal and ethical principles in privacy, including compliance with PIPEDA and CASL.

Our customized email marketing campaign include the following:

  • Create a template for your email newsletter, which is based on your branding and target audience
  • Set up your website such that people registering for your email newsletter are automatically added to your email database
  • Develop and design CASL-compliant opt-in forms create dedicated landing pages to capture email addresses
  • Segmentation of your email lists based on interest, location, etc.
  • Full service: we write your content, send the email newsletter, monitor the actions of the recipients, and report on the results
  • A/B split testing to make sure we reach the best possible results from your email marketing campaign.


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